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 Posted: Sat Apr 14th, 2012 04:21 pm
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A comment on a slightly different topic: Several days ago, Zamdrist asked if the editor or publisher of a novel could also interpret the novel to suit themselves.

I have a very good friend who wrote an non fiction book that was published by a major company. He told me that he rewrote the entire book five times as it climbed the ranks to get published. The final product was totally different from what he originally submitted. At each step, he asked himself: Do I want to change the book that way or am I willing to not have it published. There were a couple of things he refused to change but he felt that getting published was more important than his love for the first version he submitted.

My guess is that every writer has had to make changes to get their first book published. Just like a playwright has to give a director some freedom on how to present the play.

While I'm on a roll . . . . .

Screenwriters and book authors can make a living writing. If your screenplay is made into a movie, the script is bought outright from you - for a lot of money - maybe more than six figures. It is then re-written into something you would never recognize but at least you got your money.

If you write a play, you will likely get $35 to $50 a performance (after fees unless it gets to Broadway or the large professional theaters). Think how many performances it takes to make a living. A thousand performances a year? Two thousand? That is six performances of your plays every day of the year!! Hard to accomplish.