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 Posted: Fri May 18th, 2012 10:29 pm
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Too Black Hat/White Hat. Too preachy. Doesn't present an interesting moral question. Loughlin is too much of a one-dimensional ass that is very obviously there to be hated by the audience.

Strikes me very much as a "Cause Play"; that is, the type of play that's done to raise awareness about a particular cause, like racism, or LBGT rights, or in this case, religious intolerance. The problem with many of these plays is that they often just merely hammer the audience with what any sane member of the audience already knows, that discrimination is BAD. You have to have an interesting take that goes beyond that; this play doesn't. If you want to ask the question of "Why does discrimination happen?", your answer has to be more interesting than "Because some people are stupid jerks."

Also I don't buy this line, "I do. It's the entire reason I'm posted with this company: because I do know that. If you're going to disregard all of my suggestions, why am I even here?" The U.S. Army (or whatever army this is) posted somebody with a unit because the Army thinks he has a mystical connection with nature? It'd be analogous to posting Water Dowsers with Combat Engineer units.

What exactly is Ochoa's job in this unit? What does he do, officially? If he's there to determine water quality, shouldn't he be the one doing the test? It's also naive of him to expect his fellow soldiers to make decisions in the field based on his religious hunches. It'd be the same as a soldier calling up artillery support on that tree line over there "because God told him to."

Also why can't Loughlin wait 15 minutes for test? It's not like they seem to be doing anything pressing. It seems they'll be camping the night there anyways. Or is it mainly just because Loughlin is a stupid jerk?

That's how I responded to it, and what I'd think if I saw it as an audience member. Sorry for the brutal honesty.