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 Posted: Sun May 20th, 2012 01:16 am
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Yeah, I don't even like to reread the script during the rehersal process. I like having as little involvement as possible so that the production will be new and fresh to me when it all comes together.

Well, there's a caveat, at least for me, I treat comedic scripts like this. But I notice I have a tendency to get much more possessive and controlling about dramatic scripts. I get a lot more defensive and bristly when getting critiques for them. That might be insecurity since I'm more confident about my ability to write comedy than drama. I wonder if you notice the same tendency, playwrights being able to cede control more readily in comedic productions.

All my produced scripts so far have been comedic, partially since I find them easier to write, partially since I seem to have a crippling perfectionism with the dramatic pieces.

I'm about to get a proposal in for a dramatic adaptation of Paradise Lost, and I'm considering requesting that I be attached to the project as a Dramaturg, since I know more about the original text than anyone. I'm wondering if you feel that this might be good idea, and how best to establish boundaries during the rehearsal process. I'm worried about my ability to let the director do his job, and not get worked up over decisions I don't agree with.