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 Posted: Thu May 24th, 2012 08:37 pm
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I never try to push a story. If i get stuck, I let it go and go do other things. Then on and off,  over long periods of time, ill reflect on aspects of the story in the back of my mind. I have seen many people who want to do storm braining a story. I'm completely against brain storming or any form of forced method to write a story. Brainstorming gives the impression that a writers and angry and writing something out of anger. That in turn gives the impression that you have to be angry in order to write. I don't go that way. The one problem with the way I do it, is the fact it can take incredibly long periods of time to develop a story. But if im patient, the story will turn out far better than I realized. There are many times people brain storm through creating a story and then after they finish it, later in time, they are found saying to them self "I should of done this here or I should of done that a there, or I should of not put that in or I should of put this in. Creating stories arent meant to be rushed or brain storm through. The mind should be calm and relaxed when writing.  Each person goes about how they create a story.

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