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 Posted: Tue May 29th, 2012 04:30 pm
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Thank you for your thoughts, QuixotesGhost. You weren't the only person to note confusion as to what Ochoa's job was, exactly. She's not there because of a mystical connection to nature; she's there because she has a PhD in hydrology, specifically in determining water health. I've since added a couple of lines about that. I'll also take a look at Loughlin to see where I can make her more rounded, as well.

The question about if Loughlin had been right is also an interesting one. I think that adding the clarification of Ochoa's qualifications eliminates the question from this piece, because it's clear she's basing her assessment on years of training and expertise, rather than a hunch or *just* her religious beliefs. But it's interesting to ponder.