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 Posted: Sun Aug 27th, 2006 11:24 pm
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Thanks Boz and Edd for your positive feedback.

I feel I should say that the 'voice' in this poem (or the narator) is not me.  I say this because readers often assume that poetry (even more so than fiction) is always autobiographical. Im not an island fisherman (or indeed a pagan in most senses of the word). The poem does have a bit of a dig at the sort of church I grew up in (anglican) which looks down its nose at more primitive beliefs and at vicars who have a tendency to go around saying "... and thats a bit like god isnt it."

I've now started work a play based on this poem as per a challenge from paddy.

When I say 'started work' I mean I've begun thinking about it. 

When I say 'begun thinking' I mean Ive decided Im going to do it.

When I say .... You get the idea!