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 Posted: Fri Oct 26th, 2012 04:02 am
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The ones you mention are terrific.

"The Elements of Playwriting" by Louis E. Catron I love this one. No horses hit.

"How to Write a Play" by Raymond Hull (Out of print.) Maybe find it on (Used book site.) No horse shit.

"Finishing the Hat" by Stephen Sondheim. Not your usual layout on the page, but great advice from a master on his career. Expensive. maybe can find it on

And reading "Act One" Moss Hart's Autobiography could not hurt.

David Mamet has some very good good essays in collections.

There are many good ones out there.

If you read some good books on Directing, it will help as well.

Also, read good plays and bad plays and mediocre plays to compare and go to theatre. Find out what moves you.



P.S. Why would anyone be opposed to learning and broadening their scope of knowledge??