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 Posted: Fri Oct 26th, 2012 04:33 pm
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I've read most of the books IMR suggests. I have over a dozen books on play writing on my shelf. Some of them are "cookbooks": Do "A" then do "B" then "C" and so on and you'll have a great play. Others are philosophical in approach, still others are collections of interviews with successful playwrights.

If there was a single "right" way to write a play, we'd need just one book. Every book on my shelf, presents a different approach to writing a play. Even where there is agreement between writers, there is seldom agreement on what to call it. Everyone seems to agree that plays are about conflict but there is less agreement on what that means.

That said, my all time favorite is "The Art and Craft of Play Writing" By Jeffrey Hatcher. His approach resonates with my approach to writing a play.

On your last post: You have to learn how to write a play - you have to understand how the various elements of a play come together to have a coherent story. (You can be taught to "Show not Tell" or you can write enough unsuccessful plays to discover that yourself.)

I think learning from others shortens the process.

Once you have learned the rules, you can break them to tell a specific story.

Creativity is different. I don't think creativity can be taught. It can be honed or sharpened but it is an individual skill. Some people are unbelievably creative, most are far less creative.

Just my thoughts.