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 Posted: Mon Feb 18th, 2013 03:06 am
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I have.

I have had several readings of one of my very entertaining plays dealing with the corruption of international finance at several regional theaters.

The Literary Directors were all vague about why they did not move it on to further development, even after glowing audience response.

One night, after a very successful reading, I and a Literary Director at a prominent Regional Theatre and his friends got joyfully drunk together after the very successful reading. I flew down for it. Never met him until that night, though we had corresponded and talked on the phone prior.)

A couple of weeks later, I called him. I asked one him why it did not move on. His response: "Well, we were afraid it might offend some of our major donors." I then asked, "Well, why would it offend your donors if they made their money honestly?"

There was a profound silence. Then he said, kind of meekly, " see...that is the problem."

I then said, "Okay. I get it. Not a problem. Thank you for your honesty."

I totally understood. He was protecting his job and many other jobs at the non-profit regional theatre.

Subsequently he has left the non-profit "funded theater" world, and moved on to a quite successful career in the commercial theatre world as an actor.

I tell young actors, "Never, for a minute, think the theatre is a "Liberal" forum. These are professional business people who want to make money."(And mind you, I am not a Liberal. Just a Reporter/Realist. I want to make money, too...and have!) But, most often, it is ALL about the money. Even in the non-profit world. (Hey, I am all for Profit. I consider myself a business man/artist.) But, at least this guy was honest about it all. Really nice guy, too. And a very talented actor. He is doing well. I am very happy for him.


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