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 Posted: Fri Mar 22nd, 2013 03:49 pm
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Bitter Gertrude has written a witty and insightful post about what is going on in the literary office, and why they are reacting so many plays this way. As a person who has been in a literary office and read many, many play submissions, I can say that this is all very true, and truthful.

From the blog:

It’s hard to be rejected, and playwrights are rejected over and over and over. I can understand why a playwright, in order to stay sane, would look for reasons like, “They rejected me because the LM doesn’t understand my work” in order to avoid having to think “Perhaps my play is not ready to be professionally competitive.”

Part of the problem is that theatres almost NEVER speak honestly to playwrights about why their work is rejected. So I’m going to, right now. If you’ve ever received a rejection letter, the reason is one or more of the following, I guarantee it.

Can you handle the truth? Then read this blog. (Even if you can't handle it, read this anyway.)

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