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 Posted: Mon Mar 25th, 2013 09:13 pm
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Isabella Cawood


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Hi Kato,

Ideally looking for known established plays. Sounds vague but at this stage, given the potential audience probably 2 Comedies, 1 Drama.

We're a small coop/profit share company, just starting up. Our space for our first season is a small 60 venue - black box style, with potential for 1 set piece only ( not really much option to change at interval, unless it's a quick reshuffle/redress of furniture. Given the size of the stage, I'd be looking at 4 - 8 handers.

To add another complication, I have a shortage of young male actors! Ideal playing age would be 40 - 55. Obviously, auditions are possible BUT the actors that are interested are the above playing age.

Any advice/suggestions you have would be great! However, I love reading plays so happy to take on all! You never know what might happen.....

Thanks again,