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 Posted: Sun Dec 15th, 2013 12:04 am
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What is 'Dramatic Shorts'?

'Dramatic Shorts' is a theatrical writing platform showcasing new work from various playwrights - known and unknown. The platform created by actor, comedian and writer James Quince, and published by 'Andrews UK Limited', allows writers wishing to publish their work (for the stage) can do so, so that their talent can be recognized and seen by many people from the general public to theatres and industry professionals. 'Dramatic Shorts' comes in the forms of a physical book copy and an E-book. The book contains various amounts and varieties of monologues, duologues and short plays by different writers in many different styles, lengths, genres and subject matters, all written for the stage. The reason why 'Dramatic Shorts' was created, was so that more theatrical writing talent can be published and seen, due to the fact that submitting writing pieces to theatres and theatre companies can be very competitive and only a certain percentage succeed. This way, the chance of becoming a published writer increases.

'Dramatic Shorts' Rules:

* The pieces submitted to 'Dramatic Shorts' MUST ONLY be MONOLOGUES, DUOLOGUES and SHORT PLAYS.
* The pieces submitted MUST NOT be published anywhere else.
* Like 'MonologueSlam UK' is a showcase for actors, 'Dramatic Shorts' is a showcase for playwrights, so this opportunity is UNPAID but a LOT of people will see your work!
* When submitting, please put it in a Microsoft Word document, font 'Courier New' and point 12.

Why Submit to 'Dramatic Shorts'?

* COMPLETE ARTISTIC FREEDOM! There are no restrictions on the number of material you submit. You can write in any style, genre, length and subject matter you see fit.
* Because of the connections and partners of the publishers 'Andrews UK Limited', 'Dramatic Shorts' will not only be in this country but also ALL OVER THE WORLD! That's right! The pieces you submit to 'Dramatic Shorts' will be seen by the general public, theatres and industry professionals in this and other countries. Translated in many languages, you would be a published writer NATIONALLY and INTERNATIONALLY!
* Although unpaid initially, the rights of all pieces submitted by you are still 100% yours! And you will still receive payment from the individuals and companies publically performing your work!
* You can submit in more than one edition. Plus writers get a free copy!

If you are a playwright and you wish to publish your monologue, duologue and/or short play in a Dramatic Shorts edition, then please email James Quince on with 'Dramatic Shorts 2 Submission' in the subject box. The first edition is now complete and will be published soon. We are now accepting submissions for the second edition!