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 Posted: Sat Feb 15th, 2014 06:02 pm
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To all my friends, I found out that MURDER WITH GRACE will have its world premiere at SOUTHERN UNION COMM. COLLEGE in Alabama on Feb 26 (near Atlanta)

They are going to do 6 performances and have neighboring high schools come in with bus loads to see the play. They have built an elaborate three tier set with moving backgrounds. They have spent thousands of dollars on costumes, and the men’s costumes alone cost 2700 dollars per person. They are running through the play twice a day to get it perfect for the premiere.

They even created a functioning fireplace with moosehead to keep in tune with the play’s descriptions. I am amazed at the time and money that was spent on this.

The college ran out of budget money so I called Samuel French and got them permission to film and post the play.

Should have tons of photos after the premiere.