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 Posted: Thu Jun 5th, 2014 08:51 pm
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It's a good question. And best answered by yourself. YES to all your questions and NO to it making you look stupid. What might well be to your disadvantage might be not doing those things. Build yourself a free YOLA website. They're the best I know. DON'T WORRY ABOUT PUSHING YOURSELF ON THE WORLD IF IT MIGHT GET YOU A PRODUCTION. We have lots of listings right here on the Stageplays site. Paddy will help you by posting opportunities. Paddy, in media res, Kato and others will have great advice for you. BTW an 80 minute play is the minimum for a full-length---that is my best opinion. Other than that, FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCTS. YOU SEEM TO ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS. Marketing is the most difficult thing you might do. For me, writing a play is far easier than getting it out there. Most theatres take emailed scripts. What could possibly be better than that? Get them produced. ANYWHERE. BUILD A RESUME. Okay, wait and you'll get good to great responses. Better than mine. Marketing is the shitty side of playwriting. HEY, I just thought of something that will benefit you greatly. You do know that Stageplays is also a publishing company. I just made 6K from my exposure on Stageplays. Find out about publishing with Stageplays. You maintain all rights. Other than all my rambling make sure you listen to Paddy, in media res and Kato. They know far more than I in this regard because I'm busy trying to take over the world. :)