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 Posted: Mon Jul 21st, 2014 12:54 pm
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Many thanks for your support, Edd

Very few plays are published, even those that have been professionally staged

And fewer and fewer are being conventionally published

Cyberpress seeks to address this and give new writers an opportunity to bring new work to the public

It exists to serve the interests of the play and the playwright - there is no contract, nothing is binding

We make no claim whatsoever on your work - if you want us to stop selling your play/s, we stop

If you want us to handle the Rights we do

If you don't, we won't

And unlike printed editions which are effectively set in stone, the new technology allows us to be much flexible regarding future drafts

We discourage repeated revisions but if you have a major revision of your Full Play we usually put this place within a few days without charge

Basic strategy is to make new plays easily available and easy to disseminate (unlike iTunes/Kindle etc Cyberpress titles can be easily Copied and Printed)

This is because the primary purpose is not to sell plays but rather to amplify their chances of production

In the past couple of years we've made more than 350 new plays available to our customers

Some are good, some aren't

We leave that judgement to the customer who is always offered the opportunity to read the first 10 pages of dialogue

And if they like what they read, they can can have the full script in less than a minute at a modest cost ($7.99/£4.99)

Further details at -