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 Posted: Wed Jul 15th, 2015 01:33 am
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On your play:

In my other replies i kept thinking and thinking but could not grab the name of what my mind was groping for. I hope it helps you.


THIS is what I was thinking about when I mentioned a “Night of Drinking.” I could not remember the name of the brilliant Series of Television Interviews in a fictional round table discussion with famous dead historical figures. The characters discussed a topic related to all of them, seated at a round table, being interviewed with the great Showman/Interviewer/Musician, Renaissance Man, Steve Allen from the late 1970’s. Steve Allen could do – and did – everything. The stuff you have seen on Letterman was directly influenced – with Letterman twist of course – by Steve Allen. Well, everyone was influenced by Steve Allen. But Allen was a true Renaissance Man.

The Series was called “Meeting of Minds.” On PBS, of course. They were all brilliant. And I have not seen them since. The editing for its time is beautifully “telling,” with reactions shots of the characters. In simple edits then, more is told than in the way editing is done on actors now. Now it is 50 edits in the blink of an eye! The directors and editors caught these actors beautifully, and one can tell they respected the actors' work. They let them talk. And react. With no stunty editing.

But PBS, with all its technology and British Imports is not doing this kind of wonderful, original programming anymore.

This brief snippet below of “Meeting of Minds” with Daniel O’Connell, Oliver Cromwell and Catherine the Great, with Steve Allen “hosting,” in his contemporary dress, is – sadly -the only one I could find on youtube. Link below.

The actors on all the shows were incredible. Too bad the tapes are so grainy.

If you have interest and find more, please let me know!

I read somewhere that the rights are tied up by someone or somewhere or in problems with Mr. Allen’s Estate. Too bad, because we all miss out.

Anyway, best wishes for what sounds like an interesting evening.