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 Posted: Sat Aug 29th, 2015 07:28 pm
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SAMSON: Ah left dem there.

I got a CHILL on this line. Very foreboding.

I think you should capitalize the last "fuck." Or maybe the entire line.

Other than that: "Brownie, you're doin' a heckuva job!" This quote will live in infamy. Along with many others.

On a personal note: My brother-in-law and his family lived with us for a year because they had to flee - post-haste - Katrina. He had lived there for 30 years and knew the rivers and the weather. His business partner's family had lived there for 200 years on the bayous. They both knew they had to get out much sooner than most. Even before they announced the evacuation.

He, his wife and 7 year old son each quickly packed one bag. They got here to Chicago after a straight-through 18 hour drive, and he realized he had quickly put on two different pairs of shoes. That is how quick they left.

Chicago opened their arms to all evacuees. He went to a school in our 'hood for free as did many, many, many children. Clothing, and other necessities were donated. They did not want for food with us, but it was offered to them. It was a harrowing, astonishing, noble, grateful, sorrowful time for so, so many.

And we got to live with a 7 year old for a year!

They returned to New Orleans.

Thanks, edd for your play. It is a sad, sad play.

But, there is no place like New Orleans. It is the Northernmost Carribean Country.

I love it when I am there. It has the best and the worst and everything in-between. Always did. And actually it has now become a young persons' town. However, so many, many people will be displaced forever because of it. I can not imagine growing up in New Orleans and having to move and live forever in...Houston. UGH! Or anywhere else other than NO.

It is kind of like dancing on a graveyard. Of which New Orleans has many.

Katrina: just Sad, sad, sad.