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 Posted: Fri Mar 11th, 2016 04:57 am
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You're so right about it all being interconnected. A few years back I was hit by a car - broken rib, banged up good and proper, and in the weeks after, during my rehab, I learned just how interdependent all of it is. Actually, it was then that I first experienced the skills of a chiropractor. I'd always looked upon their practice as something akin to voodoo. But I'll tell you, despite the almost violent assaults he seemed to be making on my back, I walked out of there feeling literally ten feet taller. It was remarkable!

Some years prior to that I had my right hip bone smashed apart (long story), and that, much like your battle-hardened ability, affords me my own personal rain prognosticator.

Well, thanks for the recommendation on chilling the back. I can never remember if it's hot or cold that's best for these things, so I'll gratefully take your ice advice.

The good part about being immobilized is that it gives you plenty of time to write. The bad part is that when you're in pain it's difficult, nay impossible, to concentrate on anything at all for very long. And if you're taking major meds...whoa!

Hope the knee mends soon!