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 Posted: Wed Sep 13th, 2006 05:26 pm
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Just remembered a good pre-show story. (Since my last was mid-show.)

There was a woman...let's call her Stacy because that's her name. We had done a show together where I found that she had a tendency to oversleep. Sometimes making it to the thater at, oh, 5 minutes to curtain.

So the second show we're in's the last night of the run, about quarter of 8--15 minutes to curtain--and someone says, "Is Stacy here yet?"

Why no, she isn't. We try her cell. No answer. We call her home number.

And wake her up.

Poor Stacy is mortified. So mortified, in fact, that (Are you ready for this?) she insists she simply can't come to theater and face everyone. Oh, it would be too embarassing!

There then ensues a good 10 minutes where the phone is passed around to people trying to placate our dear actress and convince her that yes, she really DOES need to come to the theater (which, by the way, is about a 25-30 minute drive...) and do the show. Literally 10 people talk to Stacy before she agrees. By this time, mind you, it's getting to be after 8--and we're a good half-hour from Stacy.

The director decides the audience shouldn't have to wait. He sends the stage manager out, script in hand, to read Stacy's role for the first act. Come the second act, Stacy's character miraculously changes form!

To cap this story: This was the night we were taping the show. So when we were done, instead of striking the set, anyone who was in the first act (which blessedly did not include me!) stayed back and ran it again. The director later edited the two acts together and added audience laughter to the first act!