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 Posted: Wed Apr 20th, 2016 05:46 am
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I took it literally about knowing personally playwrights who could help.


The link is an excellent start!

Nothing like reading The Masters.

Personally, I think Farce is the most difficult to write.

And the most difficult to act. It is a very fine line to get it right.

People often think of Farce as BROAD AND OVER THE TOP ACTING.

FARCE is not a BROOOOAAAAD acting style. It is the content that must be be highlghted and exploited for meaning. Farce is far more subtle than people think.

A director once said it perfectly after a performance by a young actor years ago having witnessed that young actor in a show.

He said, "Just because the audience laughs heartily, doesn't mean it is Farce or Comedy well-done. There is a difference in tone between Comedy, Clown, Farce and...Bad Taste. can't teach Taste."

And the actor he was talking about was...ME!!!!

The Director was "Born in a Trunk" and perfomring and touring Ibsen at 9 with his father. I was soooo blessed to study under him. His name was Mario Siletti.

I am grateful to this day to Mario.

Since then...I have seen the subtle wonders of Joe Orton and others decimated by bad productions.

God Bless you Mario.

My Humble Best,