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 Posted: Thu Jun 2nd, 2016 06:35 am
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I read this play and it is absolutely stunning.

And not just because it is about the Irish Rebellion against the British, though that is the setting.

This is a loving and highly emotionally charged play about two people caught in the iron-chains and guns of World History.

There are few plays or novels where a hard-hearted person such as myself gets tears in his eyes and cries. (One work was during my reading of Bernard Malamud's novel, "The Fixer" about a Jew unjustly prisoned in Tsarist Russia. My heart actually seemed to stop!)

It is a stunning and painful depiction of two people in love with each other being caught in a the violent maelstrom of the politics of World History. Can the faltering British Empire be greater than two people in love? The long-justified Irish Revolution set the stages for even more long-simmering and justified Revolutions against Colonialism and Kingdoms in World History. It set the stage for Democracies world wide.

This beautiful and deeply emotionally complex and most painful - and surprisingly charming - play brings it down to two lovers in jail cell held - literally and painfully and most cruelly - inches apart during a prime, revolutionary moment in World History.

It is a profound work.