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 Posted: Fri May 19th, 2017 12:35 am
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Dear Gold_Record_Guy:
I can be considered a for the fact that I have written over 80 lyrics for three of my shows. For one of my shows about greed and betrayal in a business environment, I had a collaborator. I met him at one of ASCAP's Musical Theatre Workshops headed by Stephen Schwartz. His name was Michael Cardoza and he wrote the music for 12 of the show's 27 songs, 8 of such were professionally recorded and thus allowed me to become a member of ASCAP. Unfortunately, cancer cut short Michael's life before he could complete the project. Recordings of the 8 songs are available.

Regarding faith lost and regained, perhaps my qualification
on that subject is covered by a show I wrote with 28 lyrics
titled "ANONYMITY" that takes the audience inside an AA meeting.

I guess I do have more instances of faith lost and regained. I write books, both fiction and non-fiction, and every time I get a rejection despite glowing comments, my perseverance has always allowed me to continue in pursuit of my goal to write and succeed.

I also wrote another lyrical play in need of music based upon the classic short story "THE MAN WITHOUT A COUNTRY", but that's for another time.

I hope you think that I have enough of a background for us to further discuss your project. Since this is the first time I am trying The Playwrights Forum, I can be reached at my email: Thank you.

Alvin H. Goldberg
user name: anonymity