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 Posted: Tue Sep 12th, 2017 03:04 am
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Wow, that was incredibly interesting reading about some of your past acting/auditioning experiences, IMR. Thank you, truly, for sharing that – I thoroughly enjoyed reading them.

I especially liked what you said about actors seeking approval in an audition. I hadn’t thought about it in those terms, precisely, but I completely agree with your point about the importance of not seeming needy or desperate for approval. That is completely spot on.

I think actors who go into an audition seeking approval are setting themselves up for failure. Rather like if you show fear and weakness when confronted by an angry dog – they’ll sense it and have zero respect for you…and probably sink their teeth into you, metaphorically speaking.

Your approach (instinctive, by the sound of it) is the only way to go. You don’t need the auditioner to approve of you, you need them to respect you, to be intimidated by what you’re able to present before them. The desired effect is not them thinking “Show me why I should give you the role,” it’s you saying – through your performance – “Show me why I should accept the part.”

I also thought your audition at CBS TV was extremely bold and extremely clever – but instead of being bowled over by the complete realness of your performances, the clueless casting director threw a fit! He should have been awed by having been sucked into the performance in such a real and complete way. What a knucklehead! Still, as you pointed out, karma came a visiting one day. He couldn’t spot talent, obviously, and eventually that was found out.

Wonderful tale, too, about the driver from the NJ shoot recognizing you outside of a theatre on Santa Monica Boulevard (I know those theatres in that area quite well, by the way, being a former Los Angelean myself). What higher compliment could you have than to be recognized by someone you briefly met many years ago, only to find out that in that brief meeting you essentially changed the course of his life. Sometimes that’s all it takes – the words of someone like you that strike a chord in someone else and gives them something to cling onto and believe in.

I think as artists we all need that. Because whether you’re a writer, an actor, a singer, etc., the fact is you’re destined to have many ups and downs and have to deal with a lot of rejection – sometimes very painful rejection. But if you have words of advice from someone that resonated with you, you turn to them in those difficult times to help you get thorough that low and on to the next high.

Anyway, thanks so much for the kind words about the book. I’ve trod the boards plenty of times myself in years past and I know firsthand how tough it can be. So I was able to put this book together from the perspective of both an actor and a playwright – something I talk about in the book – and I think that helps immensely. I’ve walked in those shoes.

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