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 Posted: Sun Nov 5th, 2017 09:32 pm
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Thank you. You may be the only person who ever read that play. Still, I haven't sent it out anywhere, except here.

"Dancing on a graveyard." How fucking cool is that. When I was a kid graveyards were, along with another friend, a favored place to spend many a summer night, sleeping in and other things. Actually, a couple graveyards. It felt spiritual. And, no one ever bothered us.

How are you? Are you up to doing a marathon? Probably not. All I care about is that you and your wife are well and happy.


P.S. Who would want to live in Houston! Maybe that's my NY coming out. But I think there are a few places I would avoid and Houston is one of them. Hot, muggy and, of course, in Texas. xo