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 Posted: Fri Nov 17th, 2017 02:06 am
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The young kids in my neighborhood run around and play sports outside. Not all youth own cellphones or smartphones, nor do they use them all the time. Maybe some heard the rumors that they cause cancer. Some actually grew up performing on stages, skating rinks, etc. for their entire childhood, before those device existed; they probably wouldn't appreciate being judged and labeled as owning devices they don't, and have never had.

I'm not bothered by kids who own phones; that's their choice or their parent's choice, which doesn't bother or concern me, personally, as it doesn't affect my life. At least they're not bullying, being rude to others, or being judgemental about others' lives.

Currently, with the recent sexual harassment or sexual assault accusations against several older, famous actors, producers, managers, etc. in the business, youths' cellphone behavior seems like a non-issue to me, to be discussing.

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