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 Posted: Wed Sep 27th, 2006 11:04 pm
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I love the images in the poem. The physical sensations you write. Anyone who has ever felt and smelled and been touched by that first kiss with someone will feel again that moment with that someone.

I did.

It is specific in place. It is also in the mind. I like the rhymes you use...they don't jump at you...they are as gentle and loving as the poem is. Rhymes as gentle as a first, testing kiss.

"No silken gown
will flow more lovingly
over softly yielding skin."

This is very sensual part of that first kiss. What a phrase! Without the word "yielding" it would be unfinished.

Thank you for making me pause and think of my own times that you have described and get that wan and wistful feeling in my heart.

It is not just sensual, it is hot, brimming with love and it tingles from head to toe.

It is a poem that reaches inside anyone who has ever been in love in that first moment...aaaahhhh! It flips one back in years. There is so much in your poem I will not go on. It makes the mind travel.

I love poetry. I have hundreds of poems both classical and modern I have memorized and practice reciting them often, and constantly learn new ones. I haven't read a new, mature poem with such unwavering romance as in yours in a long, long time. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

The only phrase I find totally unnecessary is "ethereal beauty." You've already made us aware of what it is by the beauty of your language and when you outright "tell" me what I already know I was disappointed. Kind of like someone telling me the end of a movie. It interrupted me. I guess I've heard the phrase too much. Everything else is so vivid, I did not need you to tell me. I felt the poem. I smelled it. I touched it.

I am not saying to get rid of "ethereal beauty." It just disturbed the beauty of your imagery for me. But, obviously the poem did its magic on me!

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