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 Posted: Wed Jan 10th, 2018 10:55 am
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Zimainstitute wrote:
Hi Folks

What you think if we want to pursue our career in acting, writing or filmmaking do we need to have a degree in Media and Arts.

Hi! I don't know how the professional world works in Mumbai, whether they require degrees or not. Have you tried reading graduate students' reviews of whether they felt a degree helped them?

If you meant entering one of these fields in the U.S., I've read U.S. graduate students' reviews and they said earning a degree didn't really help them get a job because it was very competitive, with many applicants and few jobs available.

I've heard of a few, worldwide, successful filmmakers, actors, and writers who said they didn't earn degrees, but they also said they worked hard, had help from friends, and got lucky with their work finally being noticed by certain professionals, because their type of success (without having the benefit of a network of university students, professors, etc.) is rare and hard to achieve without help.

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