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 Posted: Sat Apr 14th, 2018 01:42 am
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She was sitting at her kitchen table
Listening to the radio when I called
around to see how she was doing
Of late she had sleepless nights
with the pain on her right side

She turned the radio up a notch
apologising she started reminiscing
The sadness in her eyes said it all
He was dead on the radio

She sat and drank the cold tea
and said to me
"He took me to my first dance
I remember the night
even what I wore
a navy cardigan and green skirt
we danced and danced
now he's dead on the radio"

Her husband walked in and sat
awhile, I said she's sad he's dead
on the radio
he looked away with sadness
not for the man who gave her the
first dance who died on the radio

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