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 Posted: Fri May 25th, 2018 07:30 pm
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I have written a musical and have most of the lyrics written out. I am now currently seeking a composer and another lyricist (I have hit a road block on my lyrics)to collaborate with. I am not good at writing music and all my tunes tend to come out the same. I am looking for a classical/modern day feel.

My musical is my version of Cinderella. I know that has been done many times and by now it is over used. But I have put a twist to mine. In my version the underlining story is there. Girl works for her stepmother and step sisters and there is a ball and glass slippers involved. One of my twists is that the prince knows who Cinderella, or in this case Alisianna, is the whole time. It is set in the 1600's.

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