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 Posted: Mon Aug 6th, 2018 04:26 pm
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I saw this one-man show at The Goodman Theatre in Chicago. Can not get it out of my head. Nothing flashy. Just...just...

Subtly, cunningly totally seduced me, and submerged me into "a willing suspension of disbelief." (Doesn't happen that often.) The writer, Jim McGrath, and Keach take Hemingway into a deep search for a word and his own soul. Deceptively adventurous script. Beautifully acted by Keach and directed by Robert Falls. Set and Staging were superb. One maybe would have thought it might have been a performance filled with flashy bombast, being about Hemingway.

Uh Uh. Nothing flashy. But stunning. Just a man on a desperate search for the "right word"...which...despite all the things Hemingway did/accomplished -or didn't -was his raison d'etre.

A marvelous script by Jim McGrath. Incredulous how magically and seamlessly he could distill Ernest Hemingway into an hour and a half! But he did.

Beautiful set, lighting, sound design.

Interestingly, the show opened at this time LAST year at the Goodman. However, early in the opening night perfromance, Keach had had a heart attack on stage!!! So glad he came back to do it. And I can not help but think it made his performance even richer.

Lucky man. Lucky audience. Lucky me.

Once in a rare, rare while, the Theatre can still do a number on me!

If it tours...See it.