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 Posted: Mon Aug 27th, 2018 12:19 am
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You think it must be only you,
alone here in the hotel bar
during the sweet, slow hour
of eleven pm, watching her
in the mirror behind the bottles

she is revealing, looking & looking
so you will not forget; one finger tracing
along her left breast, the tip of her tongue
flicking in and out like a metronome—
all this thinking about meaning is dizzying

Then you see it’s not just you;
doubles are there, in the glass,
all six of you, at separate stools,
all wearing the same fancy collar,
power ballad playing in the background

So long, Johnny Cash, the lyrics
aren’t lying: people do drink
and do foolish things. As you tip

and leave, you want to think
she’s disappointed, but you decide
you’re living in another shrinking
universe of sexual junk but you check
your pocket for the room key anyway