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 Posted: Mon Sep 10th, 2018 05:15 pm
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Afternoon Guys

So I'm free'd up and looking for some new projects to work on. My current project The Colony: A Fantasia has now been picked up by Dan Phillips director and producer with a big role in bringing Spamalot and Dreamgirls to life and my part in it is now complete bar a few edits here and there! You can here some rough excertps of the music here:

I'm currently working on a children's musical with writer Rachel Rooney and Chris Riddle which is taking up a minimal amount of my time for various reasons I can't share examples of this work yet!

My background is in musical theatre having work on many productions as a player or MD including, Fame (MD), RENT (MD), Wicked, Mormon, Top Hat, Sweeney Todd (MD), Hairspray (MD), Guys and Dolls and many more. I can't play so much these days with some hand issues so for the most part I write and am currently experiencing somewhat of a golden time of musical creation.

Unlike some of the other posts I see, I don't come in looking for money or wanting to charge for work, I do this for the love of music, I tend to work on scripts and songs on the basis of signing an agreement that says some sort of renemeration is given once its complete and been produced somewhere, so to clarify I don't charge by the hour but want the work to be recognised at some point. This allows me to actually pick and choose projects that I like and buy into rather than it being money driven, for me there is just no creativity when I do that!

What I tend to do is get people to send me one set of lyrics or one song they have in mind and make a demo, if they like it and I like the script etc I get involved and work on it.

Any questions feel free to ask!