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 Posted: Wed Oct 10th, 2018 02:19 pm
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Write or Flight DEPARTURES
Every year, 2 weeks before our UnHinged Festival of Disturbing Theatre, at midnight, we send several playwrights to disturbing locations where they have 22 hours to write and hone a short one-act play. It's an exercise in how the environment affects what we write.

Write or Flight ARRIVALS
We all gather in a bar - read the plays, assign directors and cast them. Now we have 2 weeks to get them stage ready.

Write or Flight RESPONSE
All the plays are staged - at the very least - staged readings, with a talk back to follow.

Locations we have used so far.

* A barn with 75 nearly feral cats.
* Emergency room in the hospital
* Haunted hotel room
* Mausoleum in a cemetery - in November - without heat
* Church
* A teenaged boy's bedroom with the film, Eraser Head, on a loop
* Abandoned farm

So - give me some ideas. Where would you be most disturbed to be left to write a play?

Any ideas will be considered.