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 Posted: Thu Apr 4th, 2019 11:37 pm
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In the small town diner
an old man asks the waitress
if she remembers seeing him
in one of the booths —

the young waitress shakes her head
~ Sorry, sir, but I’m only eighteen ~
rolls her eyes a bit, changes pens.

The old man says ~Okay, I had no reason
to be out that day anyway ~ turns his head,
changes his disguise into a young man,
says ~ You look beautiful Lily, waiting

tables, smiling every time I’ve come
in for the dinner special ~

and the waitress says she could get fired
for gabbing ~ Would you like to order now? ~

The old man looks her over, says ~ Yes, a woman
needs time to dress properly, but I could come back
at seven to pick you up ~

And she says ~ For Christ’s sake, it’s pork and gravy
and mashed potatoes today…$6.99 ~