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 Posted: Sun Aug 18th, 2019 12:37 am
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I am an experienced, classically-trained composer and music producer seeking to either set existing contemporary lyrics/poetry to music or collaborate and write songs together.  Prefer someone local to the San Francisco Bay Area, but open to others.
I have produced 14 albums, many songs, 10 symphonies, 3 concerti and other short works.  I've also created and produced soundtracks for animation (Gumby), computer games (Lucasfilm), as well as soundtracks for dance, documentaries and numerous other commercial projects. 

Subject matter that interest me include marriage, love, death, war and peace, social justice, environmental issues and humor.  I also own and manage a high-end electronic music studio and can record the songs in my own space.
If interested please contact me via email ( 

Jerry Gerber