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 Posted: Wed Sep 4th, 2019 02:16 am
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Red lotus, your comment on this old post is very touching, it was a long time ago that I won this award. I no longer write for the theater, and lately I haven't been writing much poetry, which I do like to do in my spare time. I never won another award, but I completed around ten plays. I must say that by and large I'm not so proud of the legacy of works I left behind; I started young, and ended young.

I think of Ezra Pound when I think about legacies. His championing of Fascism ruined his career, and the stylistic complexity of his works was and still is, a barrier. At the end of his life, he was talking to Ginsberg about his feelings on his legacy to literature. He denigrated his own poetry, "my poems don't make sense", and his politics, "I was not a lunatic but a moron". By no means do I think he was an idiot, horrible political opinions aside. You can tell he had a sharp mind, there's an interview conducted by Pasolini with Pound on the subject of the 1960's Italian political climate compared to the Fascist period. He speaks clearly and insightfully in a pretty strong Italian. But you can see, even considering his advanced age, that the wind is knocked out of him.

Evaluating one's legacy is a natural thing, the psychologist Erikson put it at the last stage of a person's psychological development in his theory, where a person at the end of his life examines his legacy, and must decide if he or she is satisfied with it all or not. If one is satisfied, a kind of "wisdom" in the face of death is reached. Despair and regret follow a negative evaluation of one's legacy, for some guilty consciences play a role, for others it's missed opportunities. (Eat your heart out Freud! ;) )

This is by no means meant to be a sorrowful post, just thought I'd share some of my looser thoughts on the idea of legacies and my own as a playwright. I still love the theatre and I go when I can. (To Kill A Mockingbird with Jeff Daniels on Broadway was really well done btw)

Your simple comment brought back memories. I'm happy with "The Vacuous Case" of most of all my plays, and I appreciate the commendation.

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