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 Posted: Fri Dec 20th, 2019 09:47 pm
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Yes, what Paul said. You might be shooting yourself in the foot giving her a story credit, as then she'd have to agree to any productions. This same thing happened to me. A screenplay. There wasn't even a concept, but the other guy wrote a Welsh-style poem. I wrote the screenplay bin six weeks - sent it to him to add or take away - and after six MONTHS he sent it back saying - I love it, no need to change anything, but I took out all those dots (ellipses). Sigh. He didn't do anything else. So I talked to him about giving him a story credit. He wanted more.

So - there it sits, gathering dust. I've been advised to write my own poem, and carry on. But I haven't yet - and it's been many many years.

It's hard - because it's really a good script.

Best of luck.