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 Posted: Thu May 7th, 2020 01:43 pm
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When she was young
she would walk down
Grafton Street
with her uniform on
school bag over her shoulder
hair tied back

Meeting friends
from school
in Bewley's cafe
on Grafton Street
for coffee and almond buns

Now she is older
her children walk down
Grafton Street
in their uniforms
school bags over
their shoulders
for coffee and almond buns

Sitting under the
Harry Clarke window
they chatted and laughed
just like their mother did
with her school friends

In the old days the waitress
arrived at the table
dressed in her own uniform
her white frilly apron
with a plate of cakes
three tiers high

With only enough money
for a sticky bun
they all had their eyes
on the chocolate eclairs

Now there is a pandemic
the cafe is closed
thanks, COVID 19
her children were dreaming
of the almond buns

Today they woke up
to hear the news

Bewley's Cafe is
closed for good

One Hundred and ten
workers have nowhere to go
the airwaves are buzzing
Joe Duffy on Liveline
taking their calls

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