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 Posted: Mon May 25th, 2020 11:06 am
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Did she ever tell you about
the time she nearly drowned
in a kayak
In Newport
Rhode Island
the day
Veronica Guerin died?

Or that time
she was in a train crash
the day she went to London
to see Gone with the Wind

I love the one when she was
flying from Paris
when the overhead bin
full of bottles
came crashing down on her head
and the plane hadn't even
taken off, still on the runway
I laughed so much
it was the way she tells it.

sent her flowers
after he broke
her sternum
"Sorry," he said
when he crashed head-on
into her on the
Merrion Road

Hurricane Charlie
was a great one

What about the
Beast from the East?
That wasn't that long ago

She took the pandemic
very well I must say
got her government grant
spent it on strawberries
and champagne

It will be a long time
before we see the likes
of her again

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