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 Posted: Mon Jun 19th, 2006 01:49 pm
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Another example of what can happen on the web:

I was recently contacted by a publisher in Brazil interested in publishing and licensing Porteguese translations of a couple of my plays in Brazil!  They're relatively new with a small catalogue, but it seemed like a great way to share some of my work with another culture.  It truly is a small world!

Which makes me wonder, just what _did_ people do before the Internet?  Most of the productions I've had (minus those I've been a part of), and certainly all those in other countries, have stemmed from people finding my plays in the web.  Sure, nothing quite replaces getting out there and marketing yourself, but it amazes me the sorts of opportunities that can appear seemingly out of nowhere all thanks to the web.

Well, that's my observation for the say.  And thanks to Paul for all the work on the new forum.  It's fantastic!

-Colorado Tolston-