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 Posted: Fri Oct 13th, 2006 01:21 am
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You have a child (or maybe children), leon. every child will "can /
not" at least once or twice in their young lives....they may even say it to you at some point. I did. To my parents. No matter how I phrased it, they didn't understand what I was doing. I once wrote the longest letter to my Dad, trying to explain something. To was "scribbles"....

lovers definitely "cannot" (although they're a bit like children...don't you think? but I did try and make it more of definitive statement by placing the word, complete, without the line break....

and "scribbles" don't have to be literal. Do they? We all "scribble" a bit. At one time or another. They might be what's "written" out for us....things we have no control over. Like the letter Joey's grandparents received, concerning his death in Viet Nam. Nicely typed. And a person's name only scribbled. I know they didn't understand it.

Many people consider the Bible just a bunch of "scribbles" meaning whatsoever. The blood. The lillies. What do they really mean if he was only a man? another few years, no one will know how the birch tree got there.

Many things in our lives are just nothing more than "scribbles"....I see them on phone books, in bathrooms, on my students' desks, spray painted on buildings....they all mean something to someone. Just not always to the person who's looking at them at that point in time.

But, hey. Thanks for "not commenting." At least your "little brain" gave it a thought....and you scribbled something instead.