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 Posted: Fri Oct 13th, 2006 03:02 pm
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"Both are interesting choices if I were reading it out loud for interpretation. I am sure you meant the scotch, but it is a possibility it could be the covers."

I've always felt that poetry has two interpretations: verbal & visual.  To the above observation I reply:  if I were reading the poem, the listener would know the correct interpretation.  But since I'm not there to either read or ask, it's up to the viewer to interpret.  You interpreted correctly.  It could go either way.  If one was a lover in a satisfying relationship, the drinks would be cold.  If one was a lover in an unsatisfying relationship, the covers would be cold.  If it's an extra-marital relationship, it might be either, depending on how the night went.

"For instance, is there any reason why you split "can not" into two separate lines?"

Yes.  I do it twice.  But not a third time.  Again, I did do it for a reason.  It obviously caused problems for Leon, but not you, since you got the feeling of the poem, but he did not.  He didn't understand it.  You just don't like it.  That's a difference in aesthetics, but not meaning.

The poem obviously has a "ton" of problems.  But it's like the short plays posted for comments & re-writes.  Your comments will help me in this process and I thank you and appreciate them immensely.