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 Posted: Wed Nov 22nd, 2006 05:53 pm
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Edd - genuine, sincere, big hugs from the UK. I can't even begin to imagine the effect on a 12 year old of his mother taking her life. I certainly don't want to do so; losing a brother in a road accident was bad enough. But maybe, without it, you would be a different person, and not have those around you that you do - and so maybe it's a Gift Of The Magi? Nuff said.

Billy - I've genuinely been thinking about this in the car all the way from work (the last thing I did before I left was post here to you, so you can work the time out for yourself!) and I have a follow-up thought. I can't answer your questions because I just don't have the experiences. But what about this?

If your motives are mostly educational and not commercial (I note you are a teacher) what if you wrote it as a 'to be delivered in assembly' piece intended to be played in five, seven-or-eight minute 'shorties'? You could then set it in the school, and maybe structure as follows;

Monday: Both John and Mary are experiencing leg-pulling or bullying (depending on your viewpoint) at school because of their relationship. Neither, maybe, is the most popular child in their class.

Tuesday: Mary dumps John (perhaps because of the peer-pressure).

Wednesday: John being interviewed by the head (?Principal?) about the falloff of his work quality.

Thursday: John getting into trouble (you call the shot - drink, drugs, theft, doesn't matter too much) (Christ, did I really write that? I hope everyone knows what I mean!)

Friday: The attempted suicide - outcome left undecided.

I really do think that if you wrote a lot of humour in at the front end, getting slightly blacker each day - so the 'kids' didn't see the back end coming - you could make so many points here, and necessary ones. Points about bulying; peer pressure; coercion danger; and, ultimately, the causes, effects and outcomes of what amounts to an enforced depression. Plus, the natural elapse of time (day by day) and the unnatural elapse of time (each 'day' could be a month, say) gives the audience the chance to (a) discuss in class and (b) think about it.


1/ The voices. You need swearing. Iknow for a fact that even my delightful, innocent, blond haired, blue-eyed, cherubim English Rose girls (13 and 15) cuss like troopers when there are no crusties around!

2/ Small things. I met the girl who became my first wife when I was 16. At our schools (she went to a girl's grammar, I to the boy's) swapping scarves was as good as an engagement ring. We swapped scarves. I was an unpopular boy. One day I came into the Prefect's Room (I was a Prefect - hope you have them in the States and that makes sense!) to find 'her' scarf had been tasken from my locker and tied into about 50 tight knots. It took me the best part of the day to untie them. I could have killed whoever did it, and was furious for days. And that was just a scarf, for God's sake!

Final thought; why not get a bunch of willing kids together and have them role-play? I bet they write it better than you, or I, or Wesker could!

As I said... good luck. I'd love to see the outcome, and I reckon my kid's school would too!

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