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 Posted: Wed Nov 22nd, 2006 09:44 pm
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I, too have been touched by suicide - seen many lives torn apart from it (given the statistics - I imagine most people have) so I do applaud your wanting to do this and get it to the schools.  I was recently involved in a lockdown at school where a student was threatening himself (and inadvertently others).  I think this is a strong cry for help - because those who do want to die - are very secretive which is why they are successful.  If you are doing a cry for help - which also is something to be concerned about - then the time frame you have worked out with Poet would work.  If you are talking about a child that is truly wants to die - then the break-up is what puts him over the edge - but he certainly would be close anyway.  I wonder if his girlfriend could mention the changes - in appearance - in study habits - in sociability that often occur before a suicide. 


I had a teen improv class where this came up - and we explored it because many of the students - all from different schools had been affected by suicide.  There is unfortunately a crying need and if the play could open up a facilitated discussion with the students - that could be very important.  I also tried once to deal with this in a play so keep working.   And to Edd and any touched by this horrible sadness, my heart goes out to you and to the ones who felt they couild not make it through till tomorrow.  Somber thoughts on the eve of Thanksgiving in the USA.  More reasons to count my blessings.