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 Posted: Thu Nov 23rd, 2006 02:46 pm
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Thanksgiving morning and I am up googling my plays.  Thank-you, my dog for VERY early morning on a day I can sleep!

ENCORE:  I got no response from e-mails.  I found my play was produced and no royalties were paid to me (neither did I ever get my complimentary copies).  4 years - 5 years?  No monies even though I get bites from website and religiously forwarded them to Encore.  So, now "the letter" goes out tomorrow.  I have never had a play sit stagnant for that length of time.  I did ask for the royalties, books sales and my play back.  We shall see.  I sent Encore the who, what and where of the production I found.  In a sense, it was a very nice Thanksgiving discovery. 

And as for DRAMA PLACE (looking for large-cast plays for teens - my field!), they accepted a play of mine and I did not accept the contract.  There were a lot of clauses where I would need to pay them for this, that and the other thing and I would not open myself up to anything like that.  They are not planning on a catalogue for some time, so the chances of early royalties - they told me would be minimal.  I thought it would be good to go with a new company but I sent the contract back.  They were very amiable to deal with - it was the contract.

Meanwhile, still counting my blessings on this very American holiday.  Hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving and to our friends abroad and in Canada - have a wonderful day.