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 Posted: Thu Nov 23rd, 2006 11:51 pm
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Pioneer and I have tried to get together for years.  It seems every time they like one of my plays, I have just agreed to publish it elsewhere.  I shall look again at writing for them.  Thanks for the tip. 

Encore has had its problems - which I didn't realize four years ago when I was semi-new to this.  (See Alan's posts above)  I have learned a lot.  I am getting fussier.  I used to be grateful for everything - and still am - but have learned that I should carefully match up work with publisher and not just "let it go."  DRAMA PLACE is brand new - it's been posted here and on binge board and I thought I would take a chance because they have a lot of the same mission that I have - provide opportunities for young performers to get on stage!  Their contract had a lot of red flags. 

But on the plus side, Brooklyn is coming out of its "slump," Eldridge has been very good to me, Heuer has been good to work with, Dramatic Publishing (although this was  in an anthology).  I.E. Clark was exceptional but they are now having problems and might be up for sale.  But I have had a great run with them - so not all bad.  I look forward to someday being with Playscripts.  I need patience.  I need patience. I need patience.  (I've pulled every play I have submitted to them)

Meanwhile, have gotten fond of turkeys because they run around the school where I sub and delight.  Hard to fathom on turkey day.  Of course, they live in a protected area and seem to know it.  Thanks again Edd for reminding me of Pioneer.