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 Posted: Sun Dec 3rd, 2006 03:17 am
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an infinite word, like a person’s soul,
is best used to name things: butterfly,
stillness, face, memory, peace offerings

for instance, an Arizona butterfly on a rock,
a flag’s stillness draped over a dead soldier,
the color of your face that morning at Woman’s
Lake, a memory slipping away like a small fish,
and everything, including a late night train whistle

a person’s soul, like an infinite word,
takes time to heal for time is the beat
of a butterfly’s wings, the stillness
at the end of a song, your face
every time you sing, a memory
of white lilies outside a church,
and everything, including the sound of the bells

best be careful when naming things unnamable:
the sound of a butterfly’s wings, the stillness
of the tug of field thistles, your face
while eating a tangerine, a memory of whispering
through soft needled pine trees,
and everything, including the infinity of your soul