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 Posted: Wed Dec 13th, 2006 04:39 pm
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Couple quick edits for you to consider:

Poor Hilly Buchman. Thirty-seven, unattractive, and alone. Her clock is ticking and she hasn't been on a date for years. Into her life comes "made" gangster Paul Veronea--her last hope to have the family she's always wanted. But how is she going to sell Paul, a Catholic Italian, to her Orthordox Jewish parents when they invite him to Passover Seder? Oy vey!

When an old woman dies without signing a will, her greedy daughter and son-in-law expect to inherit everything. But when it turns out that Mom was simply in a coma, they face a dilemma: if they want the money, they're going to have to kill her off before she can bequeath her fortune to someone else!