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 Posted: Wed Jan 10th, 2007 08:26 am
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Warning!!: A *bodily-function* story! 

I was watching a show on tv the other night and some famous actor (I think it was David Tennant) admitted that a good fart (sorry, I did warn you it was about bodily functions) was a wonderful way of reliefing stage fright!

Anyway, it reminded me of one time when I was about to go onstage on our first night and I was petrified.  The adrenalin was rushing through me at 100 mph and as I went to step out into the spotlight, I literally *let rip* - please believe me, I did not intend to do it - it just kinda slipped out.  Actors that were stood behind me shot back about 5 feet, aghast at my *explosion* and, of course, we all burst out laughing.  I was near hysterical at the suddeness and embarrassment of my rather loud faux pas!

All I kept thinking was: "At least the audience didnt hear that!".  About 5 seconds later, the onstage phone rang.  It was our sound/lighting man up in the heavens - he rang to say "Tell Tracy.... I heard that!".  The thing is, if he heard it, so did the audience because the mic's are in the ceiling of the stage.

Any actors reading this will understand when I say how difficult it is to go onstage stifling the giggles and these werent just any giggles - these were raucous, belly laugh, rolling on the floor giggles.  Bright red in the face, cheeks puffed I pushed myself on stage.  Suffice to say, the *professional* in me went into acting mode and, although the voice was a little shaky through stifling hysterics, I was able to get through the initial entrance. 

I try to be much more discreet these days - I am a lady really, honest!! <blink, blink>



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