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 Posted: Mon Feb 5th, 2007 05:11 pm
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Well my search for an agent continues as ever, however I have come across some problems so I think I need to reveiw my cover letter.

Firstly, obviously, I'm meant to be selling myself. But being a new writer, naturally I have no published works under my belt at all. So other than writing briefly about my degree and what I've been doing last few years not much I can put on paper that will make me look more interesting than the next writer in the pile.

I've always been told that humour is a big no-no in application letters. Which obviously leaves me at a disadvantage, since I'm a humourist.

Without having any real credentials, and without being allowed to try and apply my skill in the letter, I feel like I'm left on some pretty unworkable footing.
Inlcuding a writer's CV in a letter seems to make me look worse than if I just left one out completely.

Same with play submissions, it seems all I can say is "I am sam and this is my play".

I get a fair share of rejections (and many simply don't reply at all... which I wouldn't mind if they didn't insist on a SAE, I have to pay for those stamps they don't use!) and I can't see much to get out of this.

They wont accept unsolicited work, so I can't impress them with the play itself, I can give no indication of my ability to write comedies in my letter.

Bleah. I just feel like I can't even get my foot in the door